Healing Hearts Women’s Services

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Healing Hearts Women’s Services


At Healing Hearts Women’s Services, Inc we believe every woman should feel supported. She should never feel as if she is carrying the world on her own. At Healing Hearts Women’s Services, we inspire women to be healed, whole and loved. We empower and encourage women to begin their journey to wholeness by providing them with support and the necessary tools needed to begin healing.

We believe “You can’t keep it unless you give it away.” Our vision is to see the women we encounter begin their healing journey. She will take the tools given to her and pass them to the next sister who may need to heal. Women will know that there is beauty behind each scar and purpose behind the pain. We want women to find their purpose, their place in this world.

Our Hidden GEMS program is designed for our adolescents’ girls. We will provide them with case management services and support groups such as our Life skills group, Teen dating violence prevention and Relapse prevention group.

The groups we off for women are Emotional self-care group, Mommy support group, Domestic Violence support group and a Sisterhood group which will focus on building and maintaining healthy relationships with women. Virtual groups will also be offered along with weekly group check ins.

Our 5 Core Values are:

  • Faith
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Courage
  • Respect

We want women to understand that healed women, heal women. I am my sister’s keeper, and it is my duty to make sure my sister is always supported. That is the message we want to give to our community. Healing is a life long journey and Healing Hearts Women’s Services, Inc is the place where healing begins. We are a safe haven for broken women.

We assist with seeking employment, housing referrals, assistance with applying for government assistance if needed, we give relocation assistance, help with obtaining child care assistance and so much more.

When we are healed, we love better, we become better mothers, wives, and friends. We set healthy boundaries. We want everyone woman we encounter to begin living their best lives.

Healing Hearts Women's Services

Healing Hearts Women's Services

Location: Peachtree City, Georgia

Project Type: Women

Project Leader:

Takia Goodwyn

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