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Works In Progress Productions

The mission of Helena-Joyce & Works In Progress Productions is to develop and produce exceptional dramatic works for stage and screen, demonstrating excellence in the creation of both the ‘show’ and the ‘business’. Helena-Joyce Wright is the creative force behind Works In Progress Productions and is well respected in the industry for her ability

GreenShades Foundation

What It Is, How It Works and Who It Serves GreenSHADES program and workshops are made accessible through participation in our Eco-Tech Centers and community events. These computer centers are located at designated apartment properties. The participants are selected through a competitive needs analysis process conducted by the Properties Managers and Resident Services Coordinators.

P Squared Foundation

P Squared Foundation was established in 2017 to serve the needs of Aspiring and Current Entrepreneurs. Our Mission is to provide mentorship, training, and resources for individuals on the Path of Entrepreneurship. We believe in setting high expectations while offering a high level of support. Our founders are Entrepreneurs and therefore understand the challenges

Sticking Together

Sticking Together is a nonprofit community based initiative for Labs II Go. The inspiration for this particular type of service to the community started while caring for my mother. My mother was under doctors’ care for various conditions which required multiple blood draws, but she was in no condition to drive to get labs done.

God Quantenus Christian Appellation

God Quantenus Christian Appellation is a nonprofit organization, and our mission is to embrace Youth’s and create an environment that feels unimaginable. It is a continuous job fighting poverty, hunger and hardships. We seek to raise community awareness and uplift Youth’s that face life challenging circumstances while uplifting their heart, mind, body and soul. The

MisEducation of Cream

The mission of the MisEducation of Cream provides youth and teens with entrepreneurship education, vocational skills and knowledge of health & nutrition through the science of ice cream. Our program strategies allow MisEducation of Cream to systematically address issues related to youth academic performance, increase entrepreneurial and vocational skills as well as the knowledge about

The KG Element

What is the KG Element? This is more than just a company. It’s a movement! As we all know there are four different elements and they are water, fire, wind, and earth. They all have their individual purposes which can cause things to grow, flourish, kill, or destroy. Individually they can shape the world but

Josiah’s Village

Josiah’s Village Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia and is dedicated to providing financial assistance and resources to single mothers, fathers and guardians of children aged between newborn and 18 years old. Our goal as an organization is to provide rental, utilities and childcare assistance to single-parent families. The organization will also

Pembroke High Legacy

On February 18, 2016, the Pembroke High Legacy Corporation doing business as "Pembroke High Legacy" (PHL) was established as a non-profit organization in Hampton, Virginia. The formation of this organization was to ensure that the Legacy of Pembroke High lives on in the hearts and minds of its graduates and the surrounding Peninsula communities. The

Center for Sustainable Communities

The Center for Sustainable Communities is a Georgia based nonprofit with a focus of making communities greener, cleaner, healthier and safer. This nonprofit grew out of a faith based environmental ministry and is now one of the leading nonprofits of its kind in the metro Atlanta region. The Center for Sustainable Communities has a number

Era of Purpose

Era of Purpose, “A YOUTH COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT MOVEMENT”, is a nonprofit organization established to empower youth through community engagement. Our organization allows the next generation to express its concerns, develop solutions, and impact their community in their own way. With financial support of our partners, incredible volunteers, and small but-passion staff we operate the Y

Tracy and Sunshine Gantt Ministries

Tracy and Sunshine Gantt Ministries was created by Pastor Tracy Gantt and First Lady Sunshine Gantt (A.K.A. Lady Gantt). Their lives were transformed by Christ and Christ alone. Pastor and First Lady are overcomers of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, domestic violence, being homeless and gang life. They made a vow to God that once they accepted

Race Story Rewrite Project

The Race Story ReWrite Project is a movement to understand and transform the story we’re telling ourselves about race in this country – not to misrepresent the past or to minimize present challenges, but to change the direction our current story is heading. Our goal is to assist people in co-authoring a future that is

Styles 4 Smiles

Styles 4 Smiles is a non-profit organization that provides beauty and grooming services to those who are facing financial hardship and medical conditions. The founder, Styles Ali has been a Master Stylist since 1997, and has worked in the haircare industry among leaders such as Global Keratin, RedKen, Regis Salon, and TGI. Styles Ali is

Haircuts for Humanity

Haircuts for Humanity is a nonprofit organization founded by a seasoned master barber from Metro Atlanta who works with interns that are currently in school achieving their certification. Our mission is to edify and uplift people that are disadvantaged by providing the best grooming techniques that we can offer regardless of the circumstance. Our vision

Harper’s Hope

Refugees are the nearly 20 million men, women, and children worldwide fleeing war, persecution, and political upheaval in their countries. Less than one percent of refugees are considered for resettlement. After an often difficult journey, newly arrived refugees are under immense pressure to adapt quickly to American culture and to establish self-sufficiency. Clarkston, Georgia has

Vayando Workshop

Vayando is an Atlanta based for-profit social enterprise that connects curious travelers with micro- entrepreneurs in emerging economies around the world. We are an online booking platform for travelers to connect directly with entrepreneurs to learn about their livelihoods. Our goal is to utilize growth and diversification in the global tourism sector to unlock economic

Live. Laugh. Love

Live Laugh Love is a mentorship program for growth and community empowerment. This initiative originated from the idea of a 15 year old who was aware of the problems her peers faced, and decided to make a difference before her untimely demise on the very streets she tried to change. This mentorship program was founded

The Risen Son Christian Center

“The Risen Son Christian Center is a means to foster Christian growth and development to the communities we serve by creating an atmosphere of God’s love through spiritual, educational, and recreational activities then dedicating that service to the advancement of outreach programs.” The dream to have a recreational Christian center in the Manchester area has