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The Veterans Gaming Clan is an organization comprised of veterans from around the world who have a like minded goal of reaching out to other veterans in brotherhood through gaming. We are a community of active and prior service military members who have experienced the hardships of military life, and who are here to help by listening or by simply playing online games in a safe friendly atmosphere. We strive to make a stress free and friendly environment where veterans can come to play games or chat with someone who has "been there". The Veterans Gaming Clan has two missions. First is to provide a gaming community of varied games which veterans may play as part of a gaming clan. The second mission is to provide resources through fund raising for purchasing gaming consoles for veterans in remote duty stations or for rehabilitation centers.

The Veterans Gaming Clan was formed through a cooperative agreement between a small group of combat veterans who realized there was no place for like minded service members to congregate and play video games exclusive of the general public. The Veterans Gaming Clan decided to start their own small but dedicated gaming clan for other veterans and service members. We strive to be the premier location for multiplayer military members to interact and play games together. The Veterans Gaming Clan realized the amount of common ground and bonds that veterans and service members have and wanted to open the doors to a great community that had nowhere to go. Starting with two initial founders, The Veterans Gaming Clan quickly grew and gained recognition and respect for being a professional and tight knit community. We at The Veterans Gaming Clan encourage all service members and veterans to apply and become a member of what we consider the greatest gaming clan, and look forward to growing in the gaming community!

To bring together any service member of the US and her allies under a unified banner in the gaming community. We strive to maintain the utmost professionalism while being a competitive force in the gaming realm. The Veterans Gaming Clan will serve as a common ground for all service members to congregate, maintain fellowship, train, communicate, and participate in gaming. The Veterans Gaming Clan will also perform outreach services to wounded military members and strive to support our veterans through rehabilitation and mentoring. We hope to gain sponsorship and promote programs like Operation JoyStick, and Operation GameDrop to donate video games and video game consoles to military hospitals, wounded warriors, and disabled military members to give them an opportunity to participate in our community. We strive to impact veterans and active duty service member's lives in a professional and positive way, while setting an example for other gaming clans to follow.

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