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Tracy and Sunshine Gantt Ministries was created by Pastor Tracy Gantt and First Lady Sunshine Gantt (A.K.A. Lady Gantt). Their lives were transformed by Christ and Christ alone. Pastor and First Lady are overcomers of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, domestic violence, being homeless and gang life. They made a vow to God that once they accepted HIM into their lives, everything they did in the future would be For HIS Glory.

Tracy and Sunshine Gantt Ministries is a ministry that accepts everyone! No sin is too great and they do not judge you for your faults or shortcomings. Why? Because they were once committing sins too! We are here to pray for you and help you in any way that we can. Been to prison? It's okay. Addicted to drugs? It's okay. Struggling with alcohol? It's okay. Treated like an outcast? It's okay. No matter what your struggle may be, we are here to help.

 At Tracy and Sunshine Gantt Ministries we believe that there are many ways to serve. Listed below are only a few ways that they give back in the name of our Lord and Savior:

Pastor Tracy and First Lady Sunshine strongly believe in outreach. They know that serving the Lord and being Christ-like extends beyond the church walls. They constantly hold outreach events and feed the community. Their outreach events catch media attention; with the most recent event receiving news coverage from Fox Carolina 21 News.

Pastor Tracy and First Lady Sunshine are also the proud owners of a ministry based thrift store called Delight$ 4 a Dollar. They began their clothing ministry in 2012. This man and woman of God "tag team duo" put their own needs aside and took their entire financial savings to begin their thrift store ministry. Since 2012, they have maintained their thrift store ministry alone. They never received any government grants or funding from sponsors, but they never gave up. They used their personal finances to keep their ministry going, but they never gave. The word quickly spread about their thrift store ministry. In 2012 they were nominated and won the award for Easley Patch Readers’ Choice Best Children's Clothier. The store is located inside of their church (where Pastor Tracy Gantt is pastor) in Easley South Carolina. They provide clothing and various items to those in need. They operate strictly from donations and the love of others who are willing to help those less fortunate.

Struggling with problems in life and need hope? Then watch Pastor Tracy Gantt’s TV show called "SAVED From a Life of Hell." This is not your "ordinary" Christian TV show. Pastor Gantt’s show features true life stories that he's experienced and how with Christ you too can overcome the same situations. Pastor discusses attempted suicide, death of a loved one, prison, gang life, drugs, alcohol, etc. There is a topic for everyone!

To receive hope, guidance or spiritual uplifting, tune in every Saturday at 7PM to The NOW Network on Channel 16.4 (digital antenna covering SC, NC & GA). You can also order DVD copies of the episodes. For more information, please visit Tracy and Sunshine Gantt Ministries our website at and/or Facebook at

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