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TENTH Creative Foundation is a mission-driven organization that focuses on preserving a generational legacy through the implementation of high-impact community-based initiatives.  Founded upon the philosophy of “the talented tenth”, our vision began with the simple aspiration of becoming something greater than ourselves for our generation, while inspiring subsequent generations to do the same. By developing programming with holistic approaches, we’re able to continuously strive towards fulfilling our mission of substantially impacting social activism in entertainment, the rehabilitation of at-risk youth, and the provision of services to the cancer community. In alignment with our axiom’s demanded responsibility of being recognized leaders both in our profession and of public opinion, we not only practice progressing forward in our successes, but also consistently giving back to both local and global communities as an integral part of our profession.

Currently, TENTH passionately operates in its purpose to fulfill its four signature initiatives: Axis, JuvenOwl Xpress, Platinum Hearts Society, and SÅŒL. These programs are profoundly reflective of the life experiences of our founder, whom decided to utilize a life of negative experiences to produce more positive outcomes in the lives of others.

AXIS is an annual not-for-profit live arts development program designed to help underserved and at-risk youth align their dreams with action. This program hosts groups of students over an intensive 8-week curriculum focused on providing its aspirants with the mentorship and solid foundation needed to further pursue their respective careers in entertainment.

JuvenOwl Xpress is a collaborative-in-development between state juvenile justice systems and post-secondary institutions that works to develop progressive programming for the rehabilitation of at-risk youth in local correctional facilities through an emphasis of technology and arts programming. Route 180, a program extension of JuvenOwl Xpresss™, is a scholarship program developed as a rehabilitative incentive to encourage and support at-risk/formerly delinquent youth in their pursuit of higher education at post-secondary institutions. The name is symbolic of the 180° change that at-risk youth must make to begin the practice of healthier lifestyle choices that will subsequently and positively impact the success of their future. This program is exclusively for former juvenile delinquents/at-risk youth that have been recorded offenders with the Department of Juvenile Justice. This program does not condone delinquency, but rather reassures this particular group of youth that there is a support system available for them regardless of the societal stigma associated with their past, and hopes to amend the statistic that delinquent youth are unlikely to become successfully reformed and productive adults.

Platinum Hearts Society provides ongoing support to cancer patients, survivors, & treatment facilities within the community. Recipients are given various items to help support each individual in every aspect of their cancer experience. PHS strives to aid in both the treatment and recovery phases of the cancer experience by emphasizing and embracing the more positive aspects and side effects of cancer. SÅŒLâ„¢, an acronym of the program’s mission: Saving Our Lives, is an annual event dedicated to initiating the much-needed conversation within the entertainment community about suicide awareness. After witnessing an increasing occurrence of suicides within the entertainment industry and realizing the stigmas that surround mental health, SÅŒL was developed to impact this problem by increasing social consciousness to various generations and bringing understanding to an understated issue.

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