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Targeted Help uses the exciting new paradigm of transparent, direct giving to foster “integral development” that addresses both the material and spiritual
needs of the rural poor of Sierra de Zongolica and neighboring areas in
Mexico. We research and publish the needs; you decide which needs are closest to your heart, then we follow-up to monitor the effectiveness of your gift. You can read about the direct giving paradigm on our website here:

We are headquartered in Orizaba, Veracruz, just 15 minutes drive North of the Sierra de Zongolica.

The Sierra de Zongolica has serious material needs. It is one of three regions in Mexico containing the largest number of
mono-lingual Aztec (Nahuatl) speakers and some of the most severe pockets of rural poverty in the country. Since the Spanish conquest, perhaps before, people have fled to the mountainous regions of Mexico during times of war. The isolation has
shielded the mountain people from these conflicts but has also insulated them from mainstream culture, allowing them to
preserve their indigenous Aztec language but depriving them of the benefits of full participation in the economy. Many are
trapped in a subsistence lifestyle and would benefit enormously from strategic investments in a fledgling microbusiness. Malnutrition is a serious problem. Families with special medical responsibilities, such as the care of a handicapped child, lack access to needed therapies, even when therapies are available at no cost from government and philanthropic organizations, simply because they cannot afford the cost of trips to the city.

The Sierra de Zongolica has urgent spiritual needs, as well. To address spiritual deficits arising from the isolation of churches
in the Sierra, we partner with local churches to bring discipleship training, bible memorization competitions for children, IBLP-
style character training and shared musical events to mission churches and communities that are too isolated to have these things. World Vision has a huge project in the Sierra de Zongolica reaching 6,000 children. Targeted Help is uniquely suited to partner with World Vision, because we share World Vision’s commitment to integral development (assistance that touches all
the bases, both material and spiritual).

A note concerning how we handle donations: my wife Marilu and I manage Targeted Help on a part-time basis. If you like the mission of Targeted Help, you can send us a contribution that will help us devote more of our time and focus to this valuable mission. However, if you specify one of the recipients whose needs we publish on our website, we will arrange for your gift to reach the recipient without ever passing through our hands. We take no commissions on such donations. Our role is to identify and publish the need; your role is to supply it.

Please visit our website,, for more information.

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