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Sticking Together is a nonprofit community based initiative for Labs II Go. The inspiration for this particular type of service to the community started while caring for my mother. My mother was under doctors’ care for various conditions which required multiple blood draws, but she was in no condition to drive to get labs done. As her primary caregiver, I would have to miss days from work to take her to the laboratory for tests. By the time I could get my mother loaded into the vehicle, drive to the lab, wait for service, drive her back home, and unload her she would be in so much pain. To top it off, I loss a whole days pay just for a trip to the laboratory.

As an experienced Phlebotomist I decided to put my expertise to good use and offer assistance to families of disabled and disadvantage patients in the community. I understand their burden and I have a passion to help.

Sticking Together is an in-home collection and delivery service for disabled, disadvantaged, and limited mobility patients who need laboratory testing done. We realize that some people may not have the means of transportation to get to necessary appointments or they may not be physically capable. In such instances Sticking Together will travel to qualifying patients to acquire the laboratory tests ordered by a licensed physician. Our mission is to take the hassle out of having laboratory testing performed. The test results will be sent to the ordering physician upon completion. Sticking Together is designed to help cut down on doctor’s visits and ER visits. Since most diagnosis are made by the analysis of laboratory testing a physician will be able to monitor medication levels by ordering labs on a patient without having to see the patient in the office first.

We understand that a vast majority of patients are living below poverty level and rely on government assistance. These individuals may have little or no income but are under a physicians’ care for various illnesses. Some of these patients miss important appointments because of transportation arrangements that could not be met.

Sticking Together is dedicated to making your lab draw experience convenient and confidential.

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