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Project Spark is an arts and culture initiative that infuses community, culture, the arts, and education. Created by artists for artists and the community that supports them. Project Spark is a part of our urban renewal initiative that strives to grow redeveloping areas by identifying properties in urban areas and recreating these spaces into centers that utilize arts and culture to stimulate economic and social change. By creating community art galleries, theaters, and creative spaces to host community programs, functions, and educational sessions, Project Spark aims to renew our neighborhoods from the inside out by creating vibrant, community focused areas with accessible programming for all. We welcome partnership opportunities with community organizations, residents, artists, officials, and social innovators as we grow our arts and culture programming to make a difference in every urban community across the nation.

Broadmoor, a developing urban area in the heart of Orleans Parish in New Orleans, LA is beginning to rebuild after flooding and storm damage destroyed the neighborhood. Local organizations have created affordable housing opportunities, and the state of Louisiana has passed tax legislation intended to increase entrepreneurship in the area. The current environment creates a unique opportunity to establish creative places during the development of the neighborhood.

Project Spark creates facilities for artists of all genres to have a place to grow their endeavors while also harnessing arts and culture in order to create social and economic change.  Although New Orleans has a deep arts history, many currently emerging artists encounter barriers financially and socially when they attempt to cross the threshold of entering these existing arts organizations or attempting to utilize these state of the art facilities.

Project Spark projects and initiatives provides an outlet for these artists and those that support them to network, learn, and grow.

  • Art Alley - 24 hour access art studio with a Kiln, storage, private restrooms, and available easels.
  • Arts in Motion Dance, Voice, Music, and Theater - Training for underprivileged youth and participating adults.
  • Emergent Galerie’ - Assists and showcase emerging artists from every genre and industry in a space that is welcoming to the surrounding residents. These spaces will also double for events and special occasions.
  • The Spark Theater - These theater spaces are larger venues, house larger scale plays and events, bring an economic boost to the area, and provide a larger accessible community space.
  • Musicians Village - Professional, fully functional recording studio for budding musicians and bands. Our Musicians Village gives educational business sessions and support.
  • Writers Block - Areas dedicated for writers to get information, take classes, network, and empower themselves and their projects.
  • Filmmakers - Filming studios for filmmakers to exhibit and fulfill their projects that is not only accessible but is affordable for all.

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