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“The Risen Son Christian Center is a means to foster Christian growth and development to the communities we serve by creating an atmosphere of God’s love through spiritual, educational, and recreational activities then dedicating that service to the advancement of outreach programs.”
The dream to have a recreational Christian center in the Manchester area has been alive for years. Our vision is to establish a center through community support, donors, sponsors, and grants. Once established this center will offer affordable activities such as bowling, skating, arcade games, educational activities, after school programs, and a food court. The center should start making profits after its first year that not only will sustain the center but allow it to share its profits within the community through outreach programs such as scholarships, food drives, housing restoration programs, senior citizen programs, and many more. The center will also coordinate with established outreach programs to strengthen their objectives to aid in accomplishing those objectives.

The Risen Son Christian Center will pursue annually funds from donors, sponsors, and grants to increase its ability in supporting Manchester community and eventually all surrounding communities. Many benefits will be achieved such as, enhancing the quality of life for residents through year around recreational opportunities, creating a place that encourages and facilitates interaction to raise wellness of mind and body, offering a haven of “Fun” for recreational enthusiasts of all ages, hosting programs which serve the broadest population from young too senior and from individual to family, creating a facility that would not directly compete with private or public facilities in the area that contribute to the local economy, strengthening Manchester and surrounding communities to promote longevity of population, community well-being, and respectful intentions towards all.  

This is a dream that not only is feasible but with the proper practices in organizational management, will strengthened partnerships and fundraising within the communities. This will allow The Risen Son Christian Center to achieve success and sustain it for many years to come.

Psalms 113:3 “From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised”

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