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Red Cape Kids is a fiscally sponsored 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides free programs, support and tools using the methods of Applied Behavior Analysis for educators, communities and family members of exceptional children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Aspergers and other related disorders. Red Cape Kids’ mission is to equip low-income families, educators and communities of exceptional children with the tools to succeed not only in their home-life but the classroom and community as well. Red Cape Kids fulfills this mission by providing targeted programs and workshops geared towards helping families and others understand the behaviors associated with children on the spectrum, providing tools to modify behaviors, and developing solutions for fostering a continual environment of learning, growth and enhanced quality of life for exceptional children.

Red Cape Kids was founded as a result of parent founder, Adrienne Wesley, finding herself in a predicament like a number of other families, unable to obtain support, resources and affordable ABA services. Adrienne, having over 10 years of dedicated experience working with exceptional children, founded Red Cape Kids in 2012 in an effort to help parents understand their child’s diagnosis, acquire tools to enhance the child’s learning, increase positive interaction and environments, and ultimately bridge the gap between families, educators and the community. Adrienne currently works as a professional in the field of Behavior Analysis where she helps children with Autism and related disorders in their homes and community. The knowledge and skills gained along with Adrienne's vast experiences and team of dedicated parents has helped shape Red Cape Kids.

Red Cape Kids is dedicated to advocating for parents with exceptional children who may require advance services to enhance their learning, experiences and everyday lives.

Red Cape Kids is committed to serving as a liaison and providing programs that help to bridge the gap between parents, schools and the community. We are devoted to serving as a support outlet, training facilitator, and information center for school agencies and parents. We are further committed to securing resources and raising the necessary funding to support these goals.

Red Cape Kids provides specialized programs to promote pro-social behavior through workshops, recreational sports, and arts. The summer camp, “Extraordinary Kids Camp,” and the “Red Cape Bikers Club” provides exceptional children and their families the opportunity to engage in social activities that promote positive social interactions and life-skills. The program features local educators, community advocates, and family volunteers in an effort to bridge the gap and raise awareness of Autism and related disorders.

Red Cape Kids believes that with dedicated programming, strong advocacy and awareness, we can greatly enhance the abilities of exceptional children and have more “Extraordinary Kids Doing Extraordinary Things.”

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