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On February 18, 2016, the Pembroke High Legacy Corporation doing business as "Pembroke High Legacy" (PHL) was established as a non-profit organization in Hampton, Virginia. The formation of this organization was to ensure that the Legacy of Pembroke High lives on in the hearts and minds of its graduates and the surrounding Peninsula communities. The Pembroke Alumni Association (PAA) was formed under the PHL umbrella.

Pembroke was named in 1968 and closed its doors in 1980. Many memories were made and relationships developed within the walls and halls of the Pembroke Pirates. What better way to keep it all alive than to continue its legacy by promoting positive interactions.

There are many organizations that provide support for medical advances, youth programs, education, and other social needs. Our mission is to become an exemplary benevolent organization with your assistance, as members of the Pembroke High School Alumni Association. 

We are soliciting Pembroke Pirates to become members of the Pembroke High School Alumni Association, as the first step toward keeping the Pembroke High School Legacy Alive! It is very important to obtain membership in order for our mission and objectives to be successfully satisfied.
Pembroke Alumni Association Information

Any alumnus of Pembroke High School can become an active member of the decisions made that are consistent with the mission of "Keeping the Legacy of Pembroke Alive”. The mission is to support our community by providing assistance where there is a need, including awarding scholarships, donating to existing organizations, providing school supplies, and helping the homeless. Your membership will help make our mission a success.

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