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I bring you greetings as the founder and CEO of The Mending Station Inc. We are a religious organization that aims to serve the broken; and to assist in ones process of healing through messages of restoration, love and forgiveness. During this journey, I have discovered one simple truth about each person I’ve come in contact with; they have all been wounded at some point in their life. For some, the hurt is on the surface and really isn’t that bad; but for others, their hurt runs deep; leaving scars embedded in their hearts and minds that affects them for years. Oftentimes, the people closest to them don’t even know that they’re hurting because they hide it so well. You’d be surprised at how many people you come in contact with, whose lives have come to a screeching halt (emotionally and even spiritually) because of something that has happened in the past. The hurt they’ve experienced may have occurred in their early childhood years, as a teenager, young adult or maybe even a year ago. The wound is so deep that it has occupied their thoughts, moods and behaviors and unfortunately, is preventing them from moving on. This is why the “Get Mended” project is so important. Many have experienced being abused physically, emotionally (refers to feelings), and mentally (refers to the mind or intellect); others have had to tackle the weight of grief, abandonment, failed relationships and rejection. It’s an unfortunate truth that instead of getting the healing they need, they settle by placing an enormous bandage over the wound; pretending it never happened. In most cases, these people have become settled but aren’t satisfied. They want to move on with their lives…but don’t know how.

This is where the “Get Mended” project will come into play. The goal of this project is to serve as an avenue to aid men, women and children across the metro Atlanta area (and beyond) through their process of healing; by providing self-help workshops, retreats, symposiums, inspirational concerts and community outreach to those in need.

Whether healing from a post traumatic event such as rape or overcoming unresolved hurt from a failed relationship; it is my sincere goal and the goal of The Mending Station Inc., to see every heart mended from any and every event that has left them hurt and broken; and in the fullness of time, walk in complete healing.

Jonshea Farris, Founder & CEO

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