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Maca, which means "to give" in Nahuatl (Aztec language), came about from the desire to help people earn a decent living. We do not seek to simply "give" material things to people in need; instead, our goal is empower them to help themselves. We want to give opportunity and hope to people in need.

Over the summer, we contacted a small start-up in Mexico, Vayu. Vayu is dedicated to selling 100% Mexican, socially and ecologically responsible yoga/textile products. They work with a small group of underprivileged artisans and seamstresses to make their products. In addition to giving a percentage of their profits to improve the lives of these workers, Vayu is partnering with us to bring these products to the US for the benefit of these workers (our partners).

We aim to launch our product line here in the States this year, and use the sales revenue and donations to help our partners and their communities. This year, our goal is to pursue our mission in four distinct ways:

-The first is to invest in the small businesses of these artisans and seamstresses. The aim of these investments is to improve their working conditions, and provide whatever is necessary for them to create quality products. Currently, their workplaces (which are also homes for some) have no flooring, leaking ceilings, and low lighting. We hope that through these onetime investments, our partners will be able to grow by producing their products more efficiently.

-Our second initiative is to create a system through which our partners can take out small loans. During a conversation with the artisans, we found that one of the biggest bottlenecks to their businesses is not having the funds to buy materials upfront for products that people order from them. By providing a quick system through which our partners can borrow small sums of capital for short periods of time, we would be allowing them to expand their business immensely. This low cost project would have a huge impact on the economic stability their small businesses.

-Thirdly, we seek to provide our partners and their communities with education. We intend to provide interested partners with short courses on money management. In addition, we would also like to seek sponsors for specific children to ensure they have the resources to get an education (many times, kids are pressured to drop school because they have little hope for social advancement, and they have to earn their bread by working).

-Finally, we will buy products made by our partners, and sell them here in the States. This project is meant to provide our partners with a steady workflow in a way that does not saturate the market in Mexico. These products can be sold at a much higher price in the US than in Mexico, and the excess revenue made from these sales will be reinvested in our other projects. This project would open up countless opportunities for our partners by providing them access to a huge and under-served market.

These projects are meant to encourage sustainable growth within the communities we work with. A huge advantage that we have over other organizations is that we are only working with a small number of people at a time. This means that our "Impact to dollar spent" ratio is huge and that we can positively and meaningfully improve people's lives. Furthermore, we will be working with a committed group of volunteers in Mexico, which means no money will be spent on employees and we will have low operating expenses.

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