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Live Laugh Love is a mentorship program for growth and community empowerment. This initiative originated from the idea of a 15 year old who was aware of the problems her peers faced, and decided to make a difference before her untimely demise on the very streets she tried to change. This mentorship program was founded by the teenager to assist in the well-being of teenage girls in trouble and facing homelessness and abusive relationships. Christine had a passion for righteousness, justice, and people’s well-being. Compassion and optimism were her greatest traits and she believed in love empathy and forgiveness. She believed in living up to your best potential and treating all people with respect and integrity.

Christine was a pioneer in her school community, encouraging her peers to do their best, and taught forgiveness. This mentorship program is an inspiration to the city of New Orleans that has fallen victims of unprecedented crimes and murders of youths between the ages of 8 to 18 years old. There are no mentorship’s available in our city and this program is detrimental to the growth of our future leaders. There are youths who are in hopeless situations stemming from poverty in community housing projects because of Hurricane Katrina displacement. Many families are relocating back to New Orleans and discovering the breakdown of schools, parks and recreation. This program is committed to teaching arts, self-esteem, and entrepreneur concepts creating self-willed ideas.

Christine excelled in many talents and continuing with programs of her creation, we immolate every interest- creative writing, reading, ceramics, arts and crafts, theatre dance, acting, poetry, nature seeking, style innovation, invention, and photography. Christine was also a successful business executive for Divine Scents, a company that focuses on entrepreneurship fund raising opportunities for ages 7 to adulthood.

Live Laugh Love is an initiative that understands leadership starts from a story of ‘overcoming obstacles’, and creating healthy relationships with self, family and others. Understanding all people working together can and will make a difference because our best starts with self and being the example. Live Laugh Love has huge dreams. This visionary spirit comes from “generation inspirations”, and we strive to inspire!

Live Laugh Love is committed to changing the poverty cycle in generations by targeting our future leaders. We understand poverty is the motivating force of violence and prejudice. Live Laugh Love is striving to make business owners and create wealth to be generational, and is committed to instilling value, morals, respect, honor, encouragement, and inspiration to youth.

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