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Pressley Farrell had a troubled background as a child. Bullied, homeless, and depressed he was longing for a sense of stability. He was invited to a recreational center for youth in Denver, Colorado called "The Spot" where he was mentored in life and able to discover his creativity and passion for music. Being around people who truly cared for him from “The Spot” and meeting his wife changed the course of his life from a place of desperation and on the brink of suicide, to a place of hope and craving for success. He became empowered and through his many trials and errors, hoped to give back to the community the way the community had given to him. In 2010, He created Geek Street Society as a small group on Facebook and a place where "Geeks" from all cultures could gather, meet, befriend one another, and express themselves without judgment. After an opportunity from a local radio station, this small group became a movement and media outlet for “Geeks” as well. Now that Pressley is on the road to success using his passions in life, he is determined to start giving to back to the youth. He and his wife created Level Up as a nonprofit segment of Geek Street Society.

Level Up is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving less fortunate and out-casted youth. Our desire is to provide the necessary tools, teach, and inspire youth to use their creative abilities to build a future for themselves and to use their imagination to lead happier lives; to bring a sense of belonging and empowerment to use one's talents to be successful in life. Level Up will focus on providing mentoring and classes in the art, music, and technical development realm for youth to explore their talents and have a sense of belonging. We hope to help these youth to gain confidence and explore opportunities and talents they may not get the chance to experience otherwise.

Our program is uniquely aimed at providing mentoring, networking, recreational activities, social interactions, and intern opportunities to youth that are interested in the Geek Culture.

We also do yearly toy & coat drives, host art classes and video game tournaments, meet-ups, hospital outreaches, and much more.

There is a huge lack of community outreach centers in the Denver Metro Area and we believe that youth interested in careers in the Geek Art realm often feel out of place and do not have a place to be open about their interests. Geek Street Society is expanding rapidly and is excited to be able to give back to the community through Level Up.

We believe that similarities and differences should and can be embraced and that there is a little bit of "Geek" in everyone. We believe that empowerment can change lives. Within the next 5 years we hope to further the program by opening a recreational center that will focus on enrichment and provide a community for the youth targeted by this program.

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