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At Keepers of the Home our vision is to impact the quality of life for low and moderate income single parent households by offering educational training, mentoring programs, counseling, developmental services, and wellness programs that will empower and stabilize individual families, and subsequently, the community at large. Our goal is to provide single parents with educational and employment opportunities through a work-study program.

Our work program consist of working in the back office of Keepers of the Home for the development of office and management skills, assisting with marketing materials and fund raising events for the development of management and organizational skills, and housekeeping and meal delivery services to the elderly and the disabled for the development of service skills in order to create a starting point for or continuation of work history as well as work ethics and employer references.

Our study program consist of working with single parent heads of households toward the completion of work needed to attain a high school diploma or GED, followed by continuing education toward higher educational goals (college, technical school, apprenticeship, certificate and/or diploma courses, etc.).

Keepers of the Home offers that much needed light in the lives of those who have no hope for change through education, life skills training and development, and work that is: First, service centered which builds character; Second, used as an employment reference; and Third, sweat equity “paid” to reciprocate for what has been received.

Our desire is also to change the perception of “who” is a single parent. Today our single parents emerge from divorce, death, debilitating illnesses, and crisis of life (9/11, bombings, shooting, wars, etc.); as well as unplanned pregnancies. Therefore, today’s single parent households are comprised of males and females, young and old, economically challenged, socially challenged, and skill level challenges.

What success looks like for Keepers of the Home is taking single parents from where they are and support them with the type of mentorship, counseling, education, and job training which will transition them from dependency to independency.

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