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What is the KG Element? This is more than just a company. It’s a movement! As we all know there are four different elements and they are water, fire, wind, and earth. They all have their individual purposes which can cause things to grow, flourish, kill, or destroy. Individually they can shape the world but together they can cause chaos. This is what I want to do with the KG Element. I want to use music and the performing arts to promote peace, togetherness, and love.

The KG Element will raise awareness of this by providing a platform for creative beings to perform, mentor, and empower all generations through singing, dancing, modeling, acting, drawing, designing, and so much more. The biggest mistake schools are making is removing the arts programs. When budget cuts are made, the arts are usually the first to go because many people feel it is just an “extra curriculum” activity. The arts programs allow people to express themselves in different ways which because it opens a person up to connect with his or her inner “child” causing a sense of freedom.

In 2017, the KG Element will host a series of networking dinners where the individuals involved with discuss how they can come together to help each other, the community, and the arts. There are many things that will birth from this platform such as scholarships, tours, and community workshops. As I stated before, The KG Element is more than just a company; it’s a movement. A movement used to promote education, motivation, and elevation. The KG Element is a place where AIR will be our thoughts, FIRE will be our passions, WATER will be our emotions, and EARTH will be ourselves.

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