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Josiah’s Village Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia and is dedicated to providing financial assistance and resources to single mothers, fathers and guardians of children aged between newborn and 18 years old. Our goal as an organization is to provide rental, utilities and childcare assistance to single-parent families. The organization will also select a “JVI family of the month” to provide one on one assistance with miscellaneous expenses such as extracurricular activities, summer camps, etc. For our older JVI kids, we will offer mentoring, tutoring and resume/interviewing workshops.

Josiah’s Village embodies the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child.” It is the organization’s belief every child deserves to have their own village full of love, care and guidance. Studies show children growing up in single-parent families typically do not have the same economic or human resources available as those growing up in two-parent families. According to data from the 2013 U.S. Census, the number of children living in single-parent homes has nearly doubled since 1960. In 2014, the City of Atlanta showed 57% of families were single-parent households.

The goal of Josiah’s Village is to offer a positive support system for single-parents/guardians and their children. Our organization plans to bring compassion to single-parents and to let them know they are not alone in this world. There is sometimes a bad stigma associated with single-parents which often causes shame and/or embarrassment. Josiah’s Village plans to bring more awareness on this topic and to let our single-parents know whether they are divorcees, widows, or just unwed, someone cares for them as well as their child/children.

Josiah’s Village will focus on providing the resources each family needs to thrive by standing by our
4 Core Values:

  • Passion - In heart and mind, we are fully committed to our mission.
  • Service - Our greatest calling is to serve one another.
  • Integrity - We communicate openly and honestly and take personal accountability.
  • Community - We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the community and providing contributions to society.

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