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Refugees are the nearly 20 million men, women, and children worldwide fleeing war, persecution, and political upheaval in their countries. Less than one percent of refugees are considered for resettlement.  After an often difficult journey, newly arrived refugees are under immense pressure to adapt quickly to American culture and to establish self-sufficiency. Clarkston, Georgia has one of the most successful resettlement programs in the country. Teaming up with New American Pathways, Harper’s Hope Resettlement Project will help secure safe housing and basic needs by equipping an apartment for an incoming family. Donations will supply furniture, utensils, beds, cribs, and other essentials to help these new Americans settle into their homes and persevere.

Harper’s Hope was founded by Tala Katner and Kimberly Dias, two individuals moved by the global refugee crisis to help their local refugee community. They have been involved with the refugee community in Clarkston, Georgia since 2015. Tala and Kimberly volunteer with the Friends of Refugees Family Literacy Program where they work with refugee mothers and their young children to learn English. Tala also helped with a previous apartment set-up for an incoming family in Clarkston in 2015. Together they formed Harper’s Hope in 2017 with their first project, a Mother’s Day 1K that raised money for the Family Literacy Program. Whether it is learning English or settling into their new homes, Harper’s Hope advocates for newly resettled refugees through projects that provide support to contribute to their long term success. We hope to continue to make Georgia a welcoming place for refugees to prosper.

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