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Haircuts for Humanity is a nonprofit organization founded by a seasoned master barber from Metro Atlanta who works with interns that are currently in school achieving their certification. Our mission is to edify and uplift people that are disadvantaged by providing the best grooming techniques that we can offer regardless of the circumstance. Our vision is to offer our services to people from all walks of life, for the benefit of issuing a better confidence and to ensure job readiness.

Our program instills a sense of pride and self-worth that will go a long way. Our services are provided generally in mobile units strategically placed in the highly populated areas of the underprivileged located in Metro Atlanta. 

We know that there is a better way to help people that are disadvantaged. We author a better way to get individuals off the streets by providing an alternative to getting a meal for a night and being released back to the street. Each person we come into contact with will have more confidence in their appearance, with the outlook of wanting to put their best foot forward. Each person we come into contact with will be job ready for job opportunities.

At one time, the founder of Haircuts for Humanity was put in a place of homelessness having to fend for himself in the streets of Newark, New Jersey. Witnessing the way others had to survive caused him to quickly realize he was not equipped for the life that was before him. Eventually he found a way to essentially get off the street and get back on his feet. With patience and perseverance he was able to secure a job and make it into a career, which catapulted him to success. It is his desire to give back to the streets in which he came from.

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