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God Quantenus Christian Appellation is a nonprofit organization, and our mission is to embrace Youth’s and create an environment that feels unimaginable. It is a continuous job fighting poverty, hunger and hardships. We seek to raise community awareness and uplift Youth’s that face life challenging circumstances while uplifting their heart, mind, body and soul.

The founder of God Quantenus Christian Appellation was led by his very own experience which inspired him to create a safe haven for Youth’s. Every summer beginning at the age of twelve, he attended Campbell Park Summer Camp located in the city of St. Petersburg, Florida. This allowed him the opportunity to see firsthand the positive energy demonstrated by camp aides and mentors. To this day, the founder has an admiration for the dedication, guidance, and safety net the camp aides and mentors provided to the Youth’s that attended the summer camp. The endearing commitment of camp aides and mentors to fundraise for underserved families ignited him further to start an organization that would serve in the same capacity.

God Quantenus Christian Appellation wants Youth’s to believe in themselves as though they are an artist painting a picture in their heart, mind, body, and soul that says “I am the art that nobody knows; I am the art that nobody sees”. The painting will allow them the opportunity to show members of the community who they want to become in the future.

God Quantenus Christian Appellation provides a step-by-step introduction to educational thought patterns desiring ambition, self-respect, social constructive ethics, and academic striving.

Contributions to God Quantenus Christian Appellation will be managed to assist and care for Youth’s, and deliver outreach programs such as:

  • Driven Youth’s Athletic Building and Renovations
  • Feeding The Underserved Youth’s
  • Underserved Families Food Drive Center
  • Kick Ball Teams and Tournaments
  • ALLSTAR Team Day
  • Basketball Teams and Tournaments
  • Summer Camp Food Drives

Thankfulness in advance for caring, embracing and supporting God Quantenus Christian Appellation and its programs.

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