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The United States had the highest teen birth rates in the industrialized world. Georgia had the highest teen birth rate in the nation. Richmond and other area counties were near the top of the charts among Georgia’s 159 counties. More than two decades later, the rate of children born to teen mothers declined to about half the rate it was nationwide. Teen pregnancy is a big problem with huge social costs. More than 90 percent of teen mothers are unmarried, according to health district statistics. Teen pregnancy begins the cycle of poverty. Raising children is extremely hard for a single parent. Most teen mothers are unlikely to graduate from high school; therefore, teen parents will likely be illiterate and get poor health care. As a result, children born to teen parents are more likely to grow up in poverty.

Young people need and deserve the appropriate, medical comprehensive sexual educational information from a non-judgmental perspective. Science-based programs have been proven to be effective, providing youths with the appropriate material and skills they need to reduce or eliminate sexual risky behaviors. Adolescent needs informative information on abstinence, reasons why they should postpone sexual activity, adolescents should be thought to be honest and to have open conversations with their parents. Parents should also learn to listen and be able to discuss with his/her teen about their views of sex. Teenagers need to be thought critical thinking skills in order to respond to information about sex in the media.

Glenda’s Outreach Project is a non-profit Teenage/Adolescent Pregnancy and Prevention Program that will provide support to adolescents and teenage parents. This program is design to help teens and adolescents with continuing education and acquire job skills. Through the Glenda’s Outreach Project the teenagers/adolescents will learn hands on parenting skills that will model them to become responsible adults. Contrary, this program will teach methods to prevent future pregnancies while helping them become self-sufficient and productive citizens. Glenda’s Outreach Project is designed to transition teenagers/adolescents into successful adults so that they can support themselves and their families.

Glenda’s Outreach Project will follow the community outreach guidelines which include donating time voluntarily and will provide resources to benefit communities or its institutions such as nonprofit, civic or community-based organizations in an effort to improve the quality of life for community residents. This outreach program combines community service learning, adult support and guidance, and curriculum-based group activities. The youths will discuss topics which include communication skills/assertiveness, understanding and clarifying values, value of relationships, setting long term goals, responsible decision making, and importance of adolescent health and sexual development.

Glenda’s Outreach Project goal is to help rebuild our society and rebuild our family’s one adolescent at a time. I, Katrina Lott, the founder truly believe that supporting our teen parents today will protect our future generations, for I was a teen parent at sixteen years old. Becoming a parent at such a young age was a constant struggles and a difficult journey. I developed a passion for pregnant teens and adolescents; therefore, I decided to make a difference through Glenda's outreach.

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