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Freedom’s Route is a forward-thinking organization whose mission is to aide educators, prepare students and increase parental involvement for a rapidly changing world by equipping students in grades K-12 with access to 21st century 'tools of engagement' to promote ST(R)E(A)M- SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, READING, ENGINEERING, ARTS AND MATH.

Freedom’s Route will provide transportation directly to schools, including those in more rural areas whose teachers and students would have to travel to experience a fraction of what this mobile experience has to offer. Our in school field trip bus bridges the gap between ST(R)E(A)M education and brings every student the opportunity to interact with modern technology.

Freedom Route believes that by expanding understudy engagement through ST(R)E(A)M programs, understudies will increase more profound comprehension and raise accomplishment. ST(R)E(A)M programs advance our understudies by giving open doors in science, innovation, building, craftsmanship, creativity, language and arithmetic that advance basic intuition aptitudes, critical thinking and powerful relational abilities.

Freedom’s Route is located in Columbus, Georgia and will provide services within a 50-mile radius. Our goal is to succeed locally and spread our services to more areas of need. There are 45,772 students within our service area. We have partnered with other organizations on outreaches and we realize that there is a great need to bridge the digital divide our community faces.

Family involvement and field trips are components designed to sustain the interest in ST(R)E(A)M, and Freedom's Route can be used to enhance elementary, middle, and high school's academic report by providing services to enhance education.

  • Propel students in grades K-12 to ST(R)E(A)M careers;
  • Provide students who may not generally take math or science, which includes females, minorities, and students with inabilities the opportunity to the STEM clubs and/or or camps;
  • Provide students and their families with ST(R)E(A)M related inspiration and encounters;
  • Motivate students who may not generally understand their potential;
  • Foster family engagement exercises that are consolidated through take-home undertakings, and welcome proceed engagement with their child at Columbus Makes IT; and
  • Exploration based assessments with respect to students' view of vocation potential and math inclination are directed and reported.

Please visit our website,, for more information.

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