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Eagle Eye Foundation is a nonprofit community outreach project focused on the development and education of student athletes throughout the United States. Eagle Eye Foundation was founded by former collegiate and professional athletes with Tamika Whitmore, 13 Year WNBA All-Star, being the president of the Basketball Division. The mission of Eagle Eye Foundation is to educate student athletes on the process of recruiting, to build character, and develop great young adults through sports. The five key areas of development are: educational, emotional intelligence, athletic ability, economical, and civic responsibility.

A grassroots effort was initiated in the South Fulton, Metro Atlanta area due to the high level of talent being recruited by collegiate level sports teams. Vasco Whiteside and recreational team level coaches began to identify a high level of talent in various youth players. However, the resources to help these potential recruits were not available. Therefore, the need for a one-stop shop sports recruiting service was born through the vision of Eagle Eye Foundation. They set out to build sports portfolios, develop life skills, and ultimately fulfill the dreams of talented young athletes playing sports in college and professionally.

Eagle Eye Foundation designed a method to help inexperienced athletes obtain college scholarships, communicate effectively with media, exceed in academics, build character through community outreach events, and helps student athletes become well-rounded. The designed method created begins with the recruit being thoroughly assessed on their athletic ability at their present level of performance. After, the initial evaluation, the recruit is acclimated to the five key points of development. Which are as follows: emotional intelligence, educational, athletic ability, economical, and civic responsibility. This appraisal will create a pathway for recruits to have access to athletic trainers, tutors, mentors, religious leaders, financial advisors and etc.

With your support, Eagle Eye Foundation will have a chance to provide every student athlete with a fair opportunity to connect and network through the collegiate ranks. Furthermore, through the five key points of development, student athletes will have a road map that will help them succeed in life. The impact from this nonprofit community outreach project is limitless.

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