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DocNurse Foundation is a nonprofit comprised of Physicians and Nurses, with over 15 years of experience in the medical field caring for elderly, pediatrics and disabled Veterans in Central America, South America and the United States. Our mission is to bring the gift of mobility to as many people in need as possible by providing a free wheelchair.

Our durable wheelchairs improves greatly the mobility needs of millions of people living with disabilities around the world with great impact by lifting low self-esteem and fighting depression while giving hope, independence and dignity.

Wheelchair recipients will have means of transportation, therefore they will be able to go to church, parks, markets, healthcare centers, get education and employment opportunities, and the elderly will be able to get out of a bed that they may have stayed in for several years.

Each wheelchair not only changes the recipient’s life, but an average of 12 people lives are improved, mostly their families and friends. They can attend to social meetings together and worship places. Prayers of entire families will be answered with the gift of a wheelchair. People who have depended on a skateboard or crawled on the floor can now feel dignity.

Poor growth and development in children lacking a wheelchair is common in developing countries where poverty pervades, where an estimated of 200 million children are in dire need of a mobility system and lack the resource to obtain one. What’s worse, most of them live on the ground or need to wait for someone to be carried for their basic daily needs, which can weaken their immunity, making them vulnerable to killer diseases like diarrhea, malaria and pneumonia; a wheelchair will help these children survive and thrive, and give them a brighter tomorrow.

Many factors cause disabilities: birth defects, perinatal infections due to home delivery, unclean water and unsteady, poor nutrition, poverty, diseases, lack of proper medical care, simple injuries left untreated, wars and armed conflicts, mines, bombs detonation or hidden undetonated bombs, and still active diseases already eradicated in the developed world also play a role.
DocNurse Foundation has identified thousands of people in need around the world; after the acquisition of the wheelchair, a label will be placed at the sides of the wheelchair to recognize the donor and sponsorship of the wheelchair.

DocNurse Foundation will handle the shipment of the wheelchair to any country in the world, and coordinate the delivery to an individual in severe need.

Thank you for your support, and with your donation you are making this world a better place for everyone..

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