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CH Taylor Foundation is a nonprofit committed to the needs of people with all levels of hair loss, and is dedicated to providing solutions and alternatives to children and adults whom are living with "no hair". Some people are born without hair, some people become ill and lose their locks from side effects of medicine prescribed to treat an illness, and many people's hair thins out with age.

CH Taylor Foundation was created in honor of the late C. Harrold Taylor who lost her battle to lung and breast cancer in April 1981. During the course of chemotherapy treatments her hair began to shed and fall out, and when it returned it was dry, brittle and hard to style. At that time, the wigs that were available were mostly synthetic, lifeless and artificial in appearance; therefore she opted for turbans and scarf's to adorn her head; however, those choices were limited as well. The founder made it a personal goal to find affordable alternatives for the bad wigs with "fake" hair and unflattering headwear that was offered to her mother, and she spent the last 20 years mastering the application of hair enhancements to help children and adults suffering from Alopecia (hair loss) "get their hair back". An effort to create affordable alternatives and help children and adults with hair loss enjoy fun and natural looking headwear led to the invention of the "Alo Cap", and other headwear with human hair attached. The founder sincerely hopes to help "turn a Bad hair day into a Good day".

CH Taylor Foundation has a mission to extend the "Olive Branch" to help people with hair loss and low self-esteem feel better and transition through the challenges of hair loss. Hair loss and illness can manifest into isolation and cause a person to be a prisoner in their own homes. To observe a loved one suffering with a disease, lose their hair and zest for life and ultimately parish in sadness, with no real resources and support is disheartening.

CH Taylor Foundation is equipped with the skills necessary to specialize in hair additions and services for people with thinning hair, lupus, alopecia, and pattern baldness, and provides recipients with counseling, support groups, image enhancement, pre-paid hair installation services, hair pieces, head coverings, and wigs. There is a total approach to a complex problem by adding a Wellness Center, Detoxification Services, and Licensed Medical Doctor referrals.

CH Taylor Foundation recognizes losing hair isn't everything, but having it back does help boost one's confidence and self-esteem, and helps people with hair loss to experience a good hair day, every day, and restore image and confidence to boost the desire to socialize and gather outside the home again.

"Give Hair Share Hope!"
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