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Brain Builders Inc. is on a mission to provide purposeful and meaningful enrichment programs to homes, schools, libraries and community centers. Everyday more children are missing out on the opportunity to spend their time within a prepared environment dedicated just for them to do what they are interested in doing. Never before has a generation of children have had to face so many ongoing academic testing in their schools. They need to have a place to go to; they should be keeping their hands busy and finding their passion. We don't want to be responsible for children with high anxiety and a strong dislike for school. Brain Builders Inc. offers programs that will counteract the school blues, and have them begging for more playful learning experiences. Right now we offer Sewing Lessons, Creative Math Programs, Hands On Science Times, Poetry Tea Time; we also offer Civility and Etiquette Training to promote Social Awareness. Open Studio Time is available everyday where children can delve into work that interest them and be mentored to become Champions. Brain Builders Inc. is strongly influenced by Project Based Learning and the Montessori Method. We know that "Following the Child" leads to children feeling successful! Tutoring is also available for those who are performing below their peers. Brain Builder's programs are a special ingredient to children succeeding at school too. We also build strong relationships with the parents and many times it is important information that is shared that a classroom teacher would want to know so that they could have a plan of action to get a child on the right track, or motivate a child that just needs a extra push to feel like they are part of their school community too. These relationships are helping to build trust between teacher and family. Our vision is simple if your child or any other child says they like to draw, we see an Artist. If they like to do science and mix up things we call them a Chemist! No matter where their interest lies we are there to support them through hands on activities, cheering them on to become Champions.

Please strongly consider supporting our organization. All of your donations go right back to the programs that the children depend on.

Please visit our website at for more information and updates about our programs. Let's show the world that our children are deserving of our talents, and commitments!

Thank you!

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