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Afterschool Counts... 123 is a fiscally sponsored nonprofit organization that provides a high quality activity based learning environment during after school hours to children ages three to eighteen years old from private and public schools. Afterschool Counts... 123 is tailored for children of all backgrounds in the three years to eighteen years specific age groups. The program responds to the needs of its parents and students with excellent care giving and instructions, local community involvement and business partnerships. The mission of Afterschool Counts... 123 is to enhance the lives of children, empower the lives of children and partner with families to develop creative learners.

Afterschool Counts... 123 was founded by Michelle Riggins. Michelle has worked with children most of her life as a parent and teacher. “I care greatly for the children I work with and strive for them to see their own potential in life.” Michelle helps young people develop strong, positive relationships with adults and provide an environment that helps young people develop positive relationships with peers.

During after school hours, children go home unsupervised, without productive activities and without direction. In the Afterschool Counts... 123 program, after school and summer learning programs are filling the invaluable role of providing essential services such as a safe and supervised environment, academically enriching activities, healthy snacks and meals, and caring and supportive mentors to children and families most in need of support.

Afterschool Counts... 123 programs will provide enrichment activities that develop students' academic and social skills. For students who lack adult supervision or learning opportunities after school, this program can offer an environment that is safe and nurturing as well as educational. The after school program is designed to be a fun extension from the school day. We offer plenty of physical activity time through outside time, group’s games in the gym, and free play at the end of each after school day. We also believe in offering our children plenty of choices; through books and language, dramatic play, arts and crafts, science, music, blocks, games and much more.

Afterschool Counts... 123 needs your help because funding is limited. We want to build on the young person's strengths rather than focus on his or her weaknesses. Give youth challenges they can rise to. Provide enriching, creative activities they can participate in. Give youth opportunities to develop leadership and decision-making skills. Focus on the developmental needs of young people by nurturing, and at the same time lend them guidance.

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