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Fiscal Sponsorship

Streams of Dreams is a 501(c)(3) organization that operates under the Model C: Pre-Approved Grant Relationship, and makes grants from the funds received from a donor to support the fiscally sponsored project at its discretion. The fiscally sponsored project must use these funds solely for the intended grant purposes.

Fiscal sponsorship is a partnership formed between a fiscal sponsor and project that eliminates the need for individuals and organizations to incur costs for time-consuming filing. Fiscally sponsored projects can immediately solicit funds, improve access to funding and increase credibility.

Fiscal sponsorship is an attractive alternative enabling organizations to conduct charitable activities, and receive tax-exempt donations and grants without building a full organization infrastructure or receiving a formal 501(c)(3) nonprofit status from the IRS.

Model C: Pre-Approved Grant Relationship

The project applies to become fiscally sponsored, by sending an application to the sponsor. Once accepted, the project becomes a "grantee" of the sponsor, allowing it to request funds through the sponsor under the terms of their agreement.
  • Ability to give donors a tax-deductible receipt for their contribution (cash, checks or credit card, matching gifts, membership dues and stock gifts), and tangible items (non-cash donations of equipment and materials).
  • Access to funders that only allow tax-exempt charities to apply.
  • Access to nonprofit rates with vendors and companies who offer them.
Fiscal Sponsorship Program Forms

“It is mission critical that a project has been well-thought out enough to be fundable and achievable.”

—Cynthia Whiteside, Founder & CEO
Application Process

  • Make an initial inquiry, click Here to contact us.
  • Application deadline for fiscal sponsorship is the first business day of the month.
  • Responsible entity submits application for consideration.
  • Upon approval, the application fee of $200.00 is due.
  • Agreement is forwarded to the responsible entity for signature.
  • Responsible entity submits material for website listing: logo, project summary and stock images.
  • Approved project must enroll within 30 days of acceptance.

  • Initial application fee of $200.00.
  • An administrative fee of fifteen percent (15%) will apply to donated or earned revenues transacted under the Steams of Dreams tax-exempt umbrella.
  • ACHEFT and processing fees apply to online contributions transacted under the Streams of Dreams tax-exempt umbrella.
  • Upon approval, click HERE to pay the application fee.